Tired of traditional politics? It’s time for change.


Our region deserves a fair share of services and investment

Mallee is a vibrant and productive region made up of can do communities. What would we look like if we actually got our fair share of attention, services and investment?

Ray Kingston is running as the Independent for Mallee as he is frustrated that our communities are neglected and he is angry that while our leaders play games in Canberra, the people of Mallee are missing out on real investment.  

There is a need for clear leadership and regional representation that actively seeks consultation and inclusion.

The real question here is, does the Liberal/National Party actually represent you?

The Liberal/National Party has effectively abandoned regional Australia selling out to corporate donors and their own internal squabbles. The people of Mallee deserve better representation in Canberra through not only a voice that reflects their lives and needs, but someone who is aligned with their views, living and working alongside them.  

How an Independent can affect change

As the Independent Voice for Mallee I can bring better outcomes and more funding to our region. Politics is about pressure. Pressure on me to deliver, pressure on the Nats to win “their” seat back, pressure on a likely Labor government to try to hang on to power by keeping the Nats out. All these work in our favour. No-one representing Mallee has ever been under pressure before. Pressure delivers outcomes, and the absence of pressure delivers the same old, same old. My only loyalty is to Mallee. I commit to working with any party or group that can help deliver the outcomes that Mallee needs.