You can make a difference 

Spread the word on social media

Every like, comment and share gets the message out on the need for change.

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print your own poster

Download and print out the VOTE 1 Ray Kingston poster here.
Display poster in shops, community notice boards, car windows, at the pub… anywhere and everywhere to get the message out and about.
Be sure to fill out the ‘printed by’ section at the bottom of the poster.


join the team 

You can be part of the Ray Kingston: Independent for Mallee team. We are bringing a new kind of politics to Mallee that is all about people. There is a role for everyone, you can be a loud and proud supporter and lead the campaign in your area. Just as important are the quietly supportive roles. These are all important contributions.

From talking to family and friends, coordinating volunteers, handing out how to vote cards or engaging local contacts through to sharing, liking and commenting on social media posts.

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